Who is involved

We started as a collective of companies throughout Northern Ireland who wanted to help our Heroic Key Workers in this time of crisis.  The partners below supported either completely free of charge, or charged costs where necessary.

So we dedicate this page to recognise everyone who was involved in the project for those critical first 6 weeks.

Active Partners

Previous Partners

Special Mention for companies that have offered help, but we haven't taken them up yet (but might still)

  • Eakin - Plastic Supply
  • Vita Cortex - Foam Headband

Project personnel

  • Adam Murphy, (Shnuggle) Team Leader
  • Fiona Bennington (Shnuggle) Lead Designer
  • Mark McAleer (Andor Technology) Design Co-op
  • Paul Phillips (PMF Consultants) Compliance
  • Phillip Kelly (Shnuggle) Compliance
  • Sinead Murphy (Shnuggle) Fundraising
  • Glenn Oakes (Caboodle Fundraising) Fundraising
  • Stephen Dickson - Strategy 
  • Kieran Fegan (VARA) Republic of Ireland Liaison